Swe-Thai Massage

What Swe-Thai is

A unique style of massage that combines the ancient eastern knowledge of a highly revered form of medical massage with the western knowledge of specific and advanced soft tissue therapies.

It blends many different aspects of Thai massage techniques and stretches with proven and highly effective western treatment philosophies.

Along with proper body mechanics, these bio-mechanical techniques allow therapists to deliver specific and if desired, deep tissue work without straining their own hands or body while the client enjoys the benefits of having two therapies applied simultaneously.

Workshop Description

  • Focuses on the fundamental techniques of Swe-Thai Massage
  • You will learn 6 specialized bio-mechanical techniques and how to use them in combination with eight yoga style stretches.
  • Live instructional demonstrations of each technique.
  • Video projection of the DVD will be played along with the instructor leading you through each technique as you practice.
  • Personalized coaching with a low student/teacher ratio.
  • Detailed manual with photographs of every technique are included with registration.