CE Courses

We are currently offering


  • Swe-Thai Massage Techniques

    • One day course that teaches the fundamental techniques that make up Swe-Thai Massage.
    • Learn six specialized techniques and how to use them in conjunction with eight yoga-style stretches.
    • Great for new therapists as well as veteran therapists wanting to learn new techniques that can help save their hands and bodies.
    • Start using these techniques right away in your daily massage routine.


  • Table Top Thai Massage

    • Learn Traditional Thai Massage on the table.
    • Great for therapists who do not have the capability of working on a floor mat.
    • Learn supine, prone, and side-lying positions.
    • Bonus material:  Learn the specific Nine Point treatments for the abdominals.


  • Thai Foot Massage

    • A component of Traditional Thai Massage that focuses on the feet.
    • May be used for relaxation or to treat a variety of health conditions.
    • Thai foot stick included with the workshop.
    • Can be used as a stand-alone 60-minute session or as an addition to your massage routine.


Why Universal Touch Courses are better

  • Class sizes never exceed a ratio of 30 students to 1 instructor.
  • All courses are 95% hands-on instruction, which means learning happens more quickly.
  • Instructors will guide you in a step-by-step fashion ensuring solid competency and understanding upon course completion. 
  • Students can complete a course and walk away with solid techniques which can be added immediately to their existing routines.
  • Proven techniques will increase business and wow your clientele, making them repeat customers.
  • Universal Touch techniques reduce stress and fatigue on the therapist, prolonging their efficacy.
  • Universal Touch provides complete manuals with photo illustrations for every technique.