Foam Roller CE Course

Myofascial and Trigger Pt Therapy

using a Foam Roller

The popularity of Foam Rollers has increased as more and more personal trainers, coaches, physical therapists, pilates/yoga studios, and rehabilitation clinics are using it to enhance their treatment protocol.  This is due in part because of the effectiveness in using the foam roller in a wide range of therapies.

This workshop is a must for all Massage Therapists.  Too many therapists are quickly burning out because of the demand that massage puts on our bodies.  This workshop will help you to take care of yourself with simple, effective techniques.  You can then use this knowledge to add to your tool box as you treat your own clients.

What you will learn

  • Self-massage using myofascial and trigger point therapy techniques
  • How to improve your flexibility
  • How to increase your range of motion
  • How to reach those hard places when doing self-massage
  • How to strengthen your core
  • How to teach your clients to use the foam roller to help with their therapy while they are in-between massages