Margie Meshew / President and Swe-Thai Creator

Hello!  My name is Margie Meshew

I am the owner and lead instructor here at Universal Touch Inc.  I founded my company back in 1999 to help advance massage therapy education throughout the US and Caribbean.  Our goal here at Universal Touch is not to just teach massage therapy courses but to improve massage therapy from within the industry itself.

My career started as a Massage Therapist back in 1984.  Why?  I wanted to help relieve people's chronic pain.  The opportunity presented itself while working in a fitness center in Texas where I started my training. 

So what led to me teaching? 

An injury changed the course of my life.  I was told I would not be able to massage for up to one year.  Considering I had a successful, thriving practice, this was devastating news.  In order to stay in the field and still make a living, I was fortunate enough to begin teaching massage at the Florida College of Natural Health in 1993.  That same year, I experienced my first Thai Massage Seminar which then led to me traveling to Thailand to become a certified Thai Massage Practioner.

The beginning of Universal Touch Inc...

After teaching for several years, I realized I wanted to do more than just teach students how to become licensed therapists.  I saw a need to help my students after they became massage therapists to combat the chronic pain they started to experience because of massage as well as enhancing their skills as therapists.  And so, I began creating my own signature style called Swe-Thai Massage which then led to starting my own company - Universal Touch Inc.


 "I believe in doing what you love and striving to be the best at what you do".


We strive to deliver courses that will not only enhance a therapists' skill but also motivate them to achieve a higher standard of practice, and become true advocates for the healing art of massage.

Universal Touch is committed to maintaining the highest standard of education and abides by the rules of all state and national regulatory boards.