Table Top Thai Massage

Table Top Thai is the practice of Traditional Thai Massage on a massage table that provides clients and therapists who cannot work on the floor an alternative that does not sacrifice any of the numerous healing benefits of Traditional Thai Massage. It is also ideal for spas and therapists who may not have the room for or want to invest in the large floor mats traditionally used for Thai Bodywork.

Universal Touch President and lead instructor Margie Meshew developed this comprehensive Table Top Thai routine which includes not only supine, prone, and side lying positions, but also features the highly effective and specific nine point treatment of the abdominals.

Workshop Details


  • You will learn how to deliver a 60 minute full body Table Top Thai Massage routine
  • Included with the course is an 80 page manual with over 150 photographs.
  • Routine is taught using detailed demonstrations by lead instructor.
  • After each demonstration, you have the opportunity to practice while receiving individualized coaching.