Thai Foot Massage Home Study / 12 CEUs

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Thai Foot Massage is a part of Traditional Thai Massage and has similarities to Shiatsu, Reflexology and Chinese Massage. The theory of Thai Foot Massage assumes the existence of ten major energy lines in the body which run from the top of the head all the way to the soles of the feet. The lines end in pressure points which reflect a complete map of the entire body and all its organs. By manipulating these different points the body and the mind are stimulated to restore the balance in that particular zone, and thereby throughout the whole body.

Thai Foot Massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment that can be offered to your clients as a 'stand-alone' therapy - there are always clients who love having their feet massaged! Or, you can integrate these Thai techniques into your existing skills.

This course will teach massage therapists the theory and techniques of Thai Foot Massage as well as a complete 30 minute per foot routine.

Course materials include:

  • 30 Minute DVD
    • Will only work in Multi-Zone DVD players or computer disc drive.
  • 100-page manual
  • Study guide
  • 65 question multiple choice exam. 

*  At this time, this course is not NCBTMB approved.