Thai Herbal Massage Balls

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In Thailand, the round cotton bundles containing herbal mixtures were once the secret tools of ancient healers, and up until recently, could be obtained only from traditional healers. Universal Touch, Inc. was one of the first Thai Massage educators to bring this ancient treatment to the U.S.

Our imported Herbal Balls are hand made in Thailand and contain the highest quality mountain grown organic herbs. Packed tight and tied securely, each set of 150 gram herbal balls will last for up to 10 full body applications. That's less than $2 per treatment!

Tip: Herbal Balls get better with use. The herbs break down and become more potent with every use so, the fourth time you use them will be much better than the first. Unfortunately they eventually break down too much and become mushy. This is when you know it is time to open another set.


Plal - Anti-inflamatory for sprain and muscular pain, skin protection.

Turmeric - Enhance skin softness and smoothness. Improves skin health

Lemon Grass - Toxin removal, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, relieves indigestion.

Tamrind - Cleansing, anti-bacterial, smulates digestion.

Safflower - Relaxtion, lower bood pressure, toxic cleansing.

Rock Salt - Reduces fever, anti-inflamitory for joint pain.

Camphor - Antisceptic, enhances absorption, very aromatic.