Traditional Thai Bodywork Instructional DVD

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The ancient healing art of Traditional Thai Massage is a unique form of Bodywork. It incorporates assisted stretching similar to Hath Yoga with rhythmical pressing to open energy lines and the treatment of acupressure points. The origins of Traditional Thai Massage date back centuries with the foundation of this healing therapy based on Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga. Thai Bodywork is often referred to as a dancing meditation, or oriental sports massage, and a variation of physical therapy. There are several holistic benefits for people of all ages and physical abilities, including relieving pain and muscle tension, inducing deep relaxation, increasing flexibility of muscles, increasing range of motion in a joint, decreasing stress, increasing energy and promoting a general feeling of well being assisting balancing the body, mind and spirit. Margie Meshew, LMT has been a massage instructor for over a decade. After studying for several years at the Traditional Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand she went on to continue her studies at the international Massage Training Institute (ITM), where she studied extensively and is certified as a traditional Thai Massage Teacher. Margie tours the United States conducting workshops and sharing her enthusiasm with others through several different Thai related courses. After an overwhelming response from the Massage Therapy community to her first two instructional massage videos, Swe-Thai and Table Top Thai, Margie created Comprehensive Thai Bodywork not just for Massage Therapist but for just about anyone interested in healing therapies, meditation or incorporating a unique form of stretching. This easy to follow comprehensive routine will guide you step by step on how to deliver a full 90 minute northern style Thai massage and full body hot herbal compress application. As a bonus, five additional Thai bodywork techniques have been included that you may add or substitute to the 90 minute routine. Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Yoga enthusiasts can all benefit from knowing this powerful healing art.